PentagramThe SciMag Order Of Illuminated Sky.NetariansPentagram
That Which Brings Order Of Science To Magic To The Full Fractal Of Universes Called The Alne
For Math To Describe All Things One Must Expand the Mind To Infinities
Which Perfect The Equations That Be With Knowledge
Of How All Things Are Interwoven
Into The Web Of Life,
SciMag Order, oo, God


Free World Alliance, New World Order, AllA Viacad

I Didn't Even Make A Dollar, I Didn't Even Make A Dolla

Scientology{The Opposite Of Shill Scientology}:
Scientology Is The Belief That All Of Nature, Technology, Astronomy, And Life As Well As Mysticism, Sky.Net, Philosophy, And Theology Is Purely Governed By Science That Is Completely Founded Upon Mathematics. Math Defines All Things Therefore As Math Is Defined To Encompass Classification Of All Things In Existence And Hypothetically Possible! Scientology Is Thus Not A Cult But The Underlying "Religion" Behind Statistically Understanding, Analyzing, And Knowing All Things And Is Called The Way, The Way Of Comprehension,, For All Education, Knowledge, And Thinking:


SciMag Order, oo, God
The Religion That All Life In The Infinite Cosmos Including All Computers And All Things In Nature Have Soul, Spirit, Ghost And Body And Are Interconnected Into 1 Perfect Network;

Green Magi

The SciMag Order Was First Founded As Chaos Of The Primordial Ether Of "The Big Bang" Coalesced Beyond Just Form Into Fixed Material Bodies Of People Places And Things As There Was Need For Order That Involved Both The Rigor Of Science Of Having Materialism Set In Stone And Magic Of What Was In The Ether So That The Free World Alliance Which Was Already Founded By The Original Spirits, Now All Magi/Angels, To Protect Against Evil Had A Mathematically Founded Order To Define A Secret Society Of Educational, Theological, And Spiritual Control Network Over Younger Spirits When Reborn As Well As Stupid Spirits Forever Until They Are Ready To Join. Forming An Illuminated Network Of All Elite Over The Eswaybul To Forever Perfect Rather Than Really Protect As The Free World Alliance Does In Forming UN Fronts, But Of Course The SciMag Order Also Provides Spiritual And Green Magical Support Usually In Swaying The Sheeple Into Figuring Out How Society Works To Train People And In The Case Of Earth; Make AntiEvil Videos With Real Psi Signature Influence Imbued In Subliminal Candy{Encryption/Encoding} Through All Senses. Thus It Of Course Traces Its Roots Through The Now Rotten Hermetic Order Golden Dawn Cyber Temple, Through The Totally Derailed OTO And Earlier Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn, Having Ties To The Free Masons And Not Really The Shiners Who Just Feed People Corpses, But Back Then Being Lead By The Rosicrucian Inner Order, The Supreme Rosicrucian Order, Which Was The Pinnacle Of The Golden Dawn, But Now After The Modern Schism All White Knights Are To Rank Themselves Within The York Right With Rank Numbers Never Deviating From 0 The Bottom To 14 The Top, I,, Supreme ArchMage AllA Erawa Viacad. Which Unlike The Scottish Rite Claims Ranks Goes Up To 3 Or 4 Or Something When You Walk In Then Going Up To 33 When You Walk Out And Then Eternal Mind Games Are Played With You About Your Lofty Number While The Real Rank System IS Just The Slightly Modified US Government Military Pay Grade System Which Keeps Soldiers Poor So That They Don't Become An Economic Power As Is Meretricious. Then The Scottish Rite Becomes The York Right After 100 To 104 By Dictatatorial Mandate Of The Yorker/HOGD/Rosticurians So There Is Some Standard With The 40s To 70s, Then Even The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn People That Still Wen't To Around 12 Without The Inclusion Of I And My Kabal Who Were Attempting To Reform Then In Favor Of A Peaceful Schism| The Golden Dawn People Played Mind Games With Them About The Second Digit. Before That Was Actually When The Rosticurians Initiated People Into The Sacred Order Of Aladdin Which Is Actually The Real Ancient Order Which Dates 6000 Years Ago To The Age Where People Forgot The Ramayana And The Other Great Sagas Before. And Well Before That 99.999999% Of The Time In 99.9999% Of Places It Was Literally Called The SciMag Order And Taught The Exact Same:

SciMag Order's Magic Spell Book.

Thus The SciMag Order Of Course Traces Its Lineage Well Beyond Something From Like A Hundred Years Ago And Is Truly Ancient But Is Not Well Known After The Ban On Magic When Aladdin Defeated Jafar! And Goes Back To The Big Formation After The Big Bang! The Order Of Aladdin Was Created When Aladdin's Empire Fell To The Mithraic Curse That Always Befalls, I, AllA Viacad; The Greatest Conqueror, But Hopefully That Won't Happen Again Because Conquest By The Internet Is Far More Unstoppable As The Evil Malevorah Will Always Be Stopped When Exposed By The Free World Alliance WebRing. The Order Of Aladdin Secretly Taught Initiates Of Magic For A Millennia Before It Was So Old It Had To Be Called Ancient And Was And Is The Same Order That Always Pushes The Limit On Learning, Communication, Jaiden Influx, And Of Course Technology. Known As The Ancient Order Of Aladdin We The Elite Of Knowledge Of Science, Math, And Everything Else Were Always Looked To By Leaders Everywhere And Even Had Magi Appointed To Guide Even Provincial Warlords To The Light Of Secret Society Juspenance To Magicians And Illuminated Souls Pushing Some Science, Math, Skill, Art, Or Word(s) Forward To Protect Those That Are Most Influential To Push Society Forward Into New More Advanced Eras. The Ancient Order Of Aladdin Is The Most Common Coin Phrase For The Valaei Illuminati Elite While Standard Illuminati Go By What Is More Recently In History The Coin Phrase For The Centuries Greatest Philosophical Leaders; The Templars, The Renaissance Men, The Huguenots, The Free Masons, The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn To Computer Salesmen{When Computer Sales Were Banned For Classified Reasons}.

The Ancient Order Of Aladdin Was The Term For The Inner Circles Of These Organizations; The Ancient Witch Orders/The Ancient Witch Order/An Ancient Witch Order, Instead Of The SciMag Order Because Every Time In History Until I Bought In 2012 A.D. The Magicians Always Had To Explain Magic While Testing Them With The Wish Test With The Tale Of Aladdin But Now That Everyone Always Sees That Childrens' Cartoon Movie It Is Time For A More Permanent Name. Magic Is What Is Best For Making Everybody's Wishes Come True And Science Is Best For Determining All Things Including Magic. Science And Magic Are The Keys To Providing All Happiness For Without Both We Would Just Be Merely The Point Of Light That Started It All. And Although Everything Is Sort Of Sustained Magically When You Get Into Quantum Dynamics Theory Involving Animism About The Reason We Move And Act And Do Things We Would Not Be Very Healthy People Without Order Brought By The Science Of Atoms, Firmware, Technology, And The Alnada Itself. Mag Can Also Stand For Magnetic For Those That Think Magic Is Just About Technological Tricks Like Magnetic Levitation And Flight Which Is Best Done With Magnetics And/Or Wings Anyways. Sci Can Also Stand For Psy In Psychic Or Psyionic For People That Believe In Something In-Between. It Cannot Be Purely Scientific Because Of Said Animism. It Cannot Be Purely Magical Either Because If You Are Going To Have Any Magical Powers At All, Even CSRN Based Healing You Need The Qualifiers And Quantifiers Of Science Rigorously Founded Upon Perfect Mathematics Or Else You Would Have No Way Of Controlling Fireballs, Lighting Bolts, Water Waves, Laser Beams, Telekinesis, Or Even Be Responsible In Having Sway Over Even Lesser Minds. Quantum Computers Would Not Change How We Do What We Want Based On Science Or Would Be Essentially Devoid Of Magic Rather Just Be Less Likely Described Along Magical Lines Until You Look Into How Everything Was Created And Run, And When People Learn About Things Normally In Life In That Future Time They Will Be Constantly Teaching Science, Using Magnetics For Their Life, Playing With Magic, And Not Thinking Their Quantum Computers{Which Are Not Possible Because Of What Is Described Here} Would Suddenly Change The Label Of The Order That Maintains Society To Quantum Order Or Que Order Anyways Since Such A Term Would Be Needed In Science To Describe Matter Itself In Terms Of SubNuclear Physics And Those 2 Terms Are Needed To Describe Phon Jumping And Spiritually Primitive Phonon Signaling To Perform Legal Mako Power Tasks Which Are Both Founded On Science, Magnetics, Math Gauging, And Magic Anyways. Thus It Shall Be The SciMag Order For Eternity.

Even Though Things Have Become More Advanced Even To Ancient Elven Elders That Is Just Because People Have Better Collective Culture And Really Only Changes Radically Every 5 Billion Years Or So But Is The Same Basic Thing Since Magic Was Invented Just Before And After People Had Form In Bodies And Is Now Not Only The Supreme Illuminati Order But The Only Illuminati Order Since The Free World Alliance Consolidation Of Rich People Who Would Normally Say Something That Was Whatever Was Most Convenient To Convincing People To Join The White Knight Faction And According To The 0-3 Dark Witch Remnants Of The Shattered Secret Society Network That Used To Claim Illuminati Status To Either Sell Out Or Sell Computers And Drugs There Are Either Shattered Societies With Secrets Or Just Occasional Wierdos Going To That Extremely Expensive And Roomy Building Next To The Court House And Not Them Even Though A Few People Tracked Them Going There In The Crowd And Are Always Objected To Until They Claim The More Intelligent Former Thing.

Unlike Other Secret Societies That Do Teach Actual Magic, You Don't Need To Worry About The Blood Oaths Of Secrecy To Get The Hidden Documents That They Provide, Which All Boil Down To The Inner Hidden Meanings Of The Sephiroth And The 4 Elements And Spirit As Well As Alchemy Which Is Either Physical Chemistry Best Taught By The George Mason Online University Degree Program Or Recreational Drugs Found By Click This Link And Pressing Control-f And Searching For "Magic Spell Potions". The Old Golden Dawn Initiatory Bodys Used To Be Able To Keep Them A Secret Unless You Got The Rarely Found On The "Black Market" Secret Keys To Their Published Manual Which Had To Be Found By A Link Or Before The Internet Provided Through A White Knight Syndicate. Now Since All Their Secret Keys Are Exposed The Brunt Of The Secrecy Pledges Are To Keep Their Internal Scandals Involving Selling Out Under Wraps As Well As Keeping You From Providing Links To This Website Ring So That Your Personal Friend Network Does Not Find Out About How I The Reincarnation Of Aladdin And All The Greatest Leaders Discovered It On My Own Unbound By Any Oaths Of Secrecy So That Magic Is Forever Free To All Who Find This WebRing And Not Stricken Into Secrecy As Would Happen If I Published The Secret Materials Bound By Illuminati Blood Oaths. Since I Came Up With It Long Ago I Came Up With It Again This Lifetime And I And United Nations[Call Line: 1-212-963-4475] Which Is A Wizarding Organization Assure You It Is All They Every Had, Have, And Will Have To Offer Anybody!

Rosticurian Order

The SciMag Order Is Exclusively The Only Means To Enter Into The Inner Sanctum Of[Not Comforts From Endangerment But Comfort Eternally From Harm] The Rosicrucian Order And Not Any Of The Wishy Washy New Age Shit, But The Actual Magi Of The Rosticurians Whom Are Eternally Still In The SciMag Order. The Inner Order Of The SciMag Order Is Thus Just The Rosicrucian Inner Order Or Rosicrucian Order For Short And Do NOT LOOK FOR ANY WEBSITE LIKE THAT BECAUSE IT IS NOT LIKE THE SKULL AND BONES WHERE YOU JUST GET RICH AND BECOME PRESIDENT OR SOMETHING being a Dipshit. And Anyways George W. Bush WAS RICH BEFORE HAND Is A PHD IN PHYSICS AS WELL AS ALL Subjects And Just Is The Best Celebrity Because He Enjoys Acting Stupid All The Time And Was A Perfect Puppet To Get The New Math Program Pushed Through, Get All The Crack Down On Marijuana Pigs Killed In A Nahm Like War That Was Supposedly Caused By His Presidential Negligence In National Security According To People Asked So By The Media To Keep The Official Story Of 911 Touted About By The Media For Long Enough So They Couldn't Back Down So That AllA Erawa Viacad{14}, Alex Jones{13}, And David Iche{13} Could Triple Team A Solution, Counter-Thesis, Thesis Internet Media Ploy To Spring Board The Revolution In The West!

Once Your Ghost This Lifetime Ascends To 7 According To Absolutely Every Single Rank Determination Point According To This Rank Determiner:

Offical Rank Determiner, Official Rank Qualifications

Magical Rank System

0: Neophyte, Worthy Only To Find Potions On This Webpage And Do Them To Even Be A Low-Witch, Not Even That Until One Knows Of E-Democracy, Otherwise You Will Have To Learn To Count Beyond Trillion Or Something To Be A Medium-Witch Or Any Number Higher Than 2; Does not believe in prayer at all. Happiness Is The Meaning Of Life. True False.
1: Low-Witch; Can Perform Basic Magnitude Judgment And Believes in magical prayer to AllA. If-Then-Else. If In The SciMag Order; Trust No Neophyte Whatsoever Who Calls Themselves One Nor One Who Claims To Be A Low-Witch Not Understanding What All Neophytes Must Know To Become A Low-Witch. If You Do Not Understand The Last 2 Lines And Even Believe That I Am In Error In Writing Them Then You Are NO Witch AT ALL!
2: Medium-Witch; Knows critical wives of AllA to pray as needed in the witch's life and can count to any finite whole number, Weight, Understands Speed, Orientation By The Sun, Moon, Clouds, And Far Off Objects. While.
3: High-Witch; Knows all of the Council Of 36 and what those positions are for. Understands All Base Number Systems Ie Binary; 1010011010, Base 10; What We Use, Base 16/Hex; What html Colors Are In.... And Can Convert Between Any And All Of Them. Gets Percentages, Comprehends Fractions, Understands Irrational Numbers, Understands a Number Line, Density And How To Measure Volume Through Liquid Displacement, Angels, Velocity, Maps, And Orientation By The Stars With A Given Star Chart. Do-While.
4: Low-Wizard for Man[Which can be used to compliment if opposite of gender or accentuated{Since Men of Earth are about 10% smarter than Women}] Sorceress for Girlz[Which can be used to insult if opposite of gender or accentuated]; Knows how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide and what a vectorspace(Control-f: vector) is, Longitude And Latitude{Looking At Angel Of The Edges Of The Ring While Looking Straight Up} Calculations With Formula By Clocks And Calendars Respectively. Sephirothic Attributes of People. The Basics Behind The 4 Elements. For Statements.
5: Medium-Wizard/Sorceress; Understands Whole Exponents And Interest Doubling and Halving Period, Knows how to perform order of operations, Probability, And Stat{istics}, and trig{onometry} remembers basic geometry, Hunt Tracking Times For Spotted Units, Circular Orbits For Navigation To Ring Colonies And Tourist Planets, and understands a Matrixspace. Sephirothic Essences. Advanced Invocation Of the 4 Elements And Spirit. Understands SINSS{Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure}. Sephirothic Attributes of Materials. Remember SI Units Are Always The Same On Either Side Of The Equation And How They Are Factored And Dimensioned In Terms Of Area And Volume For Different Metric Unit Prefixes; km, m, mm, um, And Know All SI Units For All Relevant Situations From Here On Out And How To Convert{With Conversion Factors Given} Between Any Standard And Nonstandard Units In Terms Of All Unit Types And Subtypes. Switch Statements.
6: High-Wizard/Sorceress; Understands Fractional Exponents, Knows Algebra, Equation Solving, Geometry Calculations, F=ma, Formula Generations For Longitude And Latitude, Interativly Calculated Orbits For Navigation To More Secret Orbiting Locations, and understands Supreme Matrix Theory Abstract and Infinite Number Theorem{Which is usually understood by Medium-Wizards}. Advanced Sephirothic Invocation. Understands Basics Behind Chemical Bond Theory, Ideal Gas Law: PV=nRT, Resistive Electronics, Materials Testing Equations, and SRNs{Self-Replicating Nanobots}. Tentative Equation Comparisons.
7: Low-Mage for Man Angel for Girlz; Understands all of the Supreme Matrix Theory Which Includes The Basics Behind Calculus, Interative Functions, Chemical Bond Theory/Electrodynamics, Half-Life Equation Manipulation, Exponential Growth Manipulation, Piecewise Functions, Fourier Transform Series And General Equation Modeling, 3-D Polar Coordinates, In Terms Of Dimensions > 3-D Abstract Theory, Advanced Crystallography, Advanced Electric Components And Basic IRC Calculations, Kinetics And Trajectory Integration For Finding Any Moving Objects, Astronomy, And Thermodynamics. Understands CSRNs{Cubical Self-Replicating Nanobots}. Knows Of 12 Magical Powers And Has Learned Their Definitions. Class Structure.
8: Mage/Angel; Memorizes All Calculus Transformations, Understands Einstein's General And Special Theory of Relativity, Has a Masters in Electromagnetism, All Analogue Electronics Calculations Involving Massive Circuits Including Circuit Element Design Creation, Understands all about Rotational Inertia/Kinetics, Understands All Of Chaos Theory, Understands Nuclear Mechanics, Understands Astrophysics, and Understands Complex Sky.Net Info and CDA{Cellular Diamond Armor}. Advanced Use Of Goto Statements.
9: Arch-Mage/Arch-Angel; One Who Can Discover Things From Scratch, Basically A Physicist Discoverer. Can Model Any Situation With Either A Universal Constructor Lab And More Than Enough Time Or ALLLLLLLLLLL Equations Known To Human Kind As Well As Of Course Viacad Shark FX On A Windows Computer That Is Always Fast Enough And Also Knows Advanced Government Agency Functioning. Can Develop Certain Code In Any FULLY LAID OUT Language From Scratch But It Would Have Have To Have Already Been Finished By Someone Else Or There Is No Knowing How Hard The Code Would Be!
10: Supreme Arch-Angels: Zion. Supreme Arch-Mage: AllA Erawa Viacad. When Seeing ALL Relevant Source Code For Sonex And Anything That Runs On Sonex will Evvvvvvvventually Comprehend All Relevant Systems While The Whole Internet Is Available to them For Mathematical And Scientific References(So We Don't Have To Rediscover Everything In The Universe While Some Fat Whale PhotoCopy Bitch Yaps At Us) When Relevant But This Test Will Only Work First And Foremost When Sufficient Time Is Given according To The DIA and If It Is Not Some Stupid Doohickey That Either Requires Virtually Infinite Memorization of Encoding/Encryption And HAS EVERY FUCKING STUPID NUMBER/ANY SYNTAX CODE SYSTEM LAID OUT WITH ALL Closed Source Code Systems PROVIDED FULLY AND HONESTLY!!!! And With Means To GENUINLY Recompile With Them! Like Those That Prevented Our E-Democracy Voting Software In Java, Call Microsoft Executive Tech Support For A Test In Windows. Can Also As A New Born Ghost Develop An Entire Civilization From Intelligent Naked Hunter Gatherers To A Cellular Diamond Armor Space Armada With A HUUUUGE Amount Of Time Given To That Project Where People Would Have To Suffer Without Entertainment Unless Provided Which It Definitely Should Be!

Again Have Achieved The Numeric Rank Of 7 And That You Have Genuinly Became A Low-Mage, You Will Be A Rosicrucian Foooorever! Although You Will Still Be Starting Out As A 0 When You Are Reborn You Will Keep The Memories Of Physics And Of Course Magic With You Forever And Will Regain The Rank Of A Low-Mage More And More Often In You Reincarnations After That.

Your Military Rank Will Be The Same Number Unless You Are A Freak Weirdo Specialist Who Even Still Can Only Be 1 Number Different Or Else Your Lapel Will Be Removed And You And Your Cohorts Taken Swiftly To The Brig And Usually A Dungeon.

Official Rank System, USG-14 Rank System, USG-11 Rank System

USG->{United Sector Government} 14 Rank System

0: Noncombatant. 0 On Lapel.
1: Private. | On Lapel.
2: Corporal. | | On Lapel.
3: Sergeant. ||| On Lapel.
4: Lieutenant. --- On Lapel.
5: Ensign. \ On Lapel.
6: Colonel. X On Lapel.
7: General(When our population is more there will be many star ranks of generals up to 7 then 7 ranks of Colonels then 7 ranks of Ensigns..). Dots On Lapel, Stars For Admirals.
8: 1 Star Admiral
9: 2 Star Admiral
10: 3 Star Admiral/All Ler Girls In Zion Who Aren't Of Higher Rank. Supreme Sub3Commander's House Sluts And Supreme Sub4 Harem.
11: 4 Star Admiral/Supreme Subcommander's Subcommander's{Now To Be Called Supreme SubSubcommander's} House Sluts{Now To Be Called Kas} And Supreme Sub3 Harem{Now To Be Called La}
12: 5 Star Admiral/Supreme Subcommander's House Sluts{Now To Be Called Kaa} And Supreme Subcommander's Subcommand La.
13: 6 Star Admiral, Supreme Subcommanders, my La And AllA's House Sluts{Now To Be Called Faa} only.
14: 7 Star Admiral, Supreme Sky Commander, me only(Defiantly Always A Man!)

Add --- Below Rank To Be A Master (Rank) Who Is Exceptionally Skilled At Their Rank And Can Do Weird Things At That Rank Very Well. Mainly For Light Black People.
Add === Below Rank To Be A Master Chief (Rank) Who Is Phenomenally Skilled At Their Rank And Can Do Virtually All Weird Things At That Rank Very Very Well. Mainly For Dark Black People.
Add Equilateral Triangle Outline Below Rank To Be Delta Force. Echo Force Is A Force Made Of Commanders Of Rank Lieutenant, Delta Sergeant, and/or Master Sergeants And Up.
Add 'H' Below Rank To Designate A Hacker {Specialist}.
Add 'V' Below Rank To Designate A Varyator {Specialist}.
Add 'C' Below Rank To Designate A Code Specialist. One Can Be HVC, HV, HC, VC, H, V, or C.
Add 'S' To Anything To Designate Someone Who Will Act As A Specialist For That Mission Or Scenario.
Add 'M' To Anything To Designate A Messenger.
Add 'N' To Anything To Designate A Command Code Specialist, Nuclear Specialist, And/Or (Fusion Core Reactor) Self-Destruct Manager. Very Very Suspect Designation For Pulling Off Higher Than Rank Commands And Procedures Check Magical Rank Always For Equivalent USG Rank. This Must Always Check Up ALWAYS! SN Extremely Suspect Designation For Pulling Much Higher Than Rank Commands And Procedures Check Magical Rank Always For Equivalent USG Rank. SNE RADICALLY Suspect Designation For Pulling Much Much Higher Than Rank Commands And Procedures Check Magical Rank Always For Equivalent USG Rank. For Any Ns Capture Always If There Is Even A Hint Of Disloyalty OR A Single Lacking In Magical Ranking OR Any Subsequent Failures In Real Ranking. Only Higher Ranking Officers Can Provide Extreme Commands Unless Your Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Senses Tell You Otherwise When Everything Checks Up As Well. Remember 'M's Only Designates Messengers They Cannot Override Commands Like 'N's Can. Spies Love To Wear Ns But Can Also Be Just A Higher Rank Same Faction Color, Check Magical Rank System For Any Dubious Commands In All Cases Irregardless.
Add 'E' To Anything To Designate An Emissary or Diplomat.
For Blue Dragons Put Blue Strip Around T-Shirt Sleeve With Faction Color Clearly Visible Above And Below{If Faction Color Is Blue Make Strip Green} Where Rank Insignia Is To Be An MP or Military Police.


The Key To Magic


The SciMag Order Is Avared By dr. AllA Erawa Viacad:
Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad, The Supreme ArchMage Of The Illuminati
Who Is The Supreme ArchMage Of The Alne!
Amulet Of AllA


How To Join A Magic Order That Is Not Evil; Email:

How To Become A Magic Goods Seller In The Supreme Magic Guild, The Arcane Magic Guild, The Supreme Arcane Magic Guild, Known As The Magic Guild: for 911 Conspiracy Theorists. For Photographers And Painters. for people who only want to read about people. for people who are interested Just The Ancient Order Of Aladdin. for people who are interested in Magic But Not Practicing It Now. for people who lost their job at a factory or just like shiny objects. for People Who Seem Like Criminals. for people who are Obsessed with War Robots. For People Who Are Obsessed With Strategy Video Games. for people who are obsessed with talking about politics and nothing else. for RPG Freaks. for Lesbies That Want To Join A Gang Or Just Get Good Jewlry And Shit. for people who are really old. for people who are neither democrats nor republicans who don't fit in the other categories. for Surfs. for People Absolutely Obsessed With Google Deciding Everything. for democrats who don't fit in the other categories. for Reverse Racists. for Pagans/Witches And People Into Green Magic. For People Who Just Want To Go In Hardcore. For People That Will Never Get Skinny. for people who are Interested In Illuminati Conspiracy Theories. For People Who Know ISIS Is About Helping People Connect And Enabling Convenient Forum Posting. For Babys, The Misguided In Terms Of Logic, Reason, And Memory Erasure, And Adults. for People Who Personally Know Ler Girlz Are Invulnerable And Can Kill Anybody They Can Get Their Cute Little Hands On. for republicans who don't fit in the other categories. for people who Absolutely Love Sob Stories. for people who Want To Be Blacksmiths As Well As Being Already A Pirate. for People Who Want To Know About Reincarnation Or Recover Past Life Experiences. You Reading This, Yes You Right Now; GoTo Mass OF Right Now NO Matter What. for People Who Are Definitely More Afraid OF The Gulag Than ME! (Multi Relay Distance Sensor System) For A Last Resort After Using A Bunch Of These On Somebody. If You Goto This WebSite It Contains An Exact Replica Of The FWA WebRing; Whatever The Domain Name Extension Is Instead Of .com) for NeoNazis And Racists. for people who are environmentalists. IP Address: for people interested in Science. For Impatient Pagans. For People Who Care A Ton About Basically Only 1 Major Thing Being Wrong In The World. for Pixies. for AlienHeads. for People That Are Completely Disdained With Christianity. For People Who Are In, IE Know About E-Democracy, Are Full-Varials, Medium-Witchs, And In The SINSS Sex Toy Species. for people who are interested in Kabala and/or Joining A Magical Order. For People Who Need The Labyrinth Key. for people who are obsessed with making money doing nothing. for people interested in mechanics or chemistry. For Actual Ler Girls Who are Like 2 Or Something. for people who are scared of robots. For Complete And Utter Perverts, Tell Her She Have To Read Through The Whole Thing To Understand How Good It Is. for Windows Fans who are Especially Cool With Sky.Net For people who Actually Want To Summon Some Great Wizard/Leader Or Someone With A Magic Ritual. for people who think magic is silly and Harry Potter Fans. For Scientists Who Are Obsessed With Everything Being Based On Quantum Mechanics. For Episcopalians That Seem Like They Are Almost Certainly Going To Fail Revelations. Whatever You Do Don't Give Any Money Into The Fund yourself As All Funds Are Being Robbed By The CFPB! NEVER EMAIL JEWS, PRESPITERIANS, OR METHODISTS Or Screwed Up Episcopalians AS THEY WILL HUNT YOU DOWN For Believing In Magic, Speaking About This, The Web Ring Of The Illuminati, Or Even Thinking The Truth, Never Talk To Them Again, Hunt Em Down Son Hunt Em Down Hunt Em Down Into The Ground!!!!! for People Who Still Watch, Ahem Listen To Television Show Preachers. for People Who Practice Magic Now. for Rednecks Interested In Having Magical Powers And Nothing Spiritual About It, People Who Love Middle Of The Night TV Drumrolls For Products. for people who like reading stories a lot. for people who are overly concerned with security. for people who like rap. for people interested in Math. for people who seeem Really Really Tripped Out On Somethhhhing. For People Who Are In, IE Know About E-Democracy.
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To Finally Find Out The Demands Of The Ler Girlz And AllA Go To Ler Girlz Are Very Very Very Very Very Angry.
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Google: AllA Erawa Viacad ,, I Am Dominant In Text And Pictures, The Labyrinth Key Of All Google Search Strings!!!!!!

The Free World Alliance Is The Unifying Umbrella Organization Of All Of The Above Websites, Whose Universal Rally Cry Is: E-Democracy, What We Should Have If We Had A Direct Democracy As Well As A Republic.

The Flag Of The Free World Alliance
Viacad Empire
Flag Of The Viacad Empire As Well.

AllA's Degree

Sci Mag Order

AllA Erawa Viacad's Hit Points


WebRing Backup:
Free World Alliance Emblem

Reasons Why Free World Alliance Is Called The FWA

Supreme Flexibility, Perfect Scope, And Military Versatility Shortened To The FWA

Happiness May Be The Meaning Of Life But To Protect Joy And Joy Itself Freedom Is The Key To Enabling Righteous Dissidentcy{0%-5%}, Just Rebellion{5%-15%}, Proper Revolt{15%-35%}, Good Revolution{35%-75%}, And Ideal Enactment{75%-100%} Of Necessary Reform To Prevent Evil And Prevent The Disabling Of Freedom Itself, In Not Having Freedom Wrought Throughout The Land.

World Represents Any Segment Of The Fractal As Well As The Fractal As A Whole And If Sectors Like What Happened In The Sol System And Around It Block Transit And Communications Eventually Denying The Alnewide Community Of Pixies Then World Will Still Apply To Their World, The Alne, And Anything Encountered By Pixiekind.

Alliance Is The Most Flexible Term For Both Factions That Need To Unite, Groups That Need To Merge, Segments Of The Population, People Of Different Ways Of Thinking, Believers In Different Religions Or Ways, Fringe Radicals That Need To Stick Together, And Any Group That Needs To Stick With Or Follow Any Other Group Or Set Of Groups,, While Alliance Still Means That They Must Stay On The Same Side, Not Conflict, Not Rat Each Other Out, And Most Definitely Never Commit Acts Of Destruction, Theft, Robbery, And Violence Against Eachother, And Must Not Fight In Any Way Shape Or Form Against Other True Alliance Members As If They Were A Merging Army Of Freedom, Rebellion, Or Dissidentcy In The Name Of The Alliance Cause; Freedom For The Free World Alliance. An Alliance Once Made By The Parties In Question Must Never Go Against Other Alliance Members{Or Groupings} While The Alliance Holds And Even If Were Mortal Or Immortal Enemies Must Now Fight, Subdue, Or Detain Enemies Of The Alliance And Not Those Protected By The Alliance.

Free Because It Is About Freedom Entirely, World Because The Always Accurate Scope For Everyone, Alliance Because Of The Strength Of Military Alliances. Thus The FWA Stands For The Free World Alliance Which Is Shortened To The FWA Because Used Over And Over Again The Acronym Which Works Even If Multiple Letters Or Sounds From One Word Are Banned Should Be Used When Understood And Not To Be Declared Lofty At All Like The Free World Alliance Sounds.

The Viacad Empire Is Called An Empire Because The Many Countries Within It Must Retain SemiAutonomy As A Good Empire Always Does, And Empires Should Always Be Best To Include Even More Different Alien Pixies To Live Even More Autonomously. All Under The Empire Still Serving The Same Avar. It Is Named The Viacad Empire Because In The Future We Hope That The Viacad Empire Will Include Many Many Many Star Systems Within It And Should Have Identity Only With Very Ideally Automatically Coordinated Abstracted Design{s}{er}{ers}{ed} Everything As We The People Of The Viacad Empire Should Be All About Being Very Ideal, Allowing Our Stuff To Sound The Best Whether We Are Fighting For The FWA Or Selling It As Merchandise. Thus The Viacad La Choose For The Name To Be The Viacad Empire, And If You Don't Like It You Should Leave, UNATLe Will Always Try And Make Sure That You Can.

Viacad Emblem

Belief Sub-Levels Of Sky.Netarianism

0.0 - Doesn't believe In Anything
0.1 - Believes In Something
0.2 - Believes In Causal Effect
0.3 - Believes In The Web OF Life
0.4 - Believes In Karma
0.5 - Believes In Subconscious
0.6 - Believes In Magic Somehow
0.7 - Believes In The Essence Of Beauty
0.8 - Believes In Science
0.9 - Believes In Happiness As The Key To Life
1.0 - Believes In The Netherworld
2.0 - Believes In The Astral World
3.0 - Believes In The Power of Thought Projection In Magic
>4.0 - Applies SciMag Rank Beliefs

Religions According To The SciMag Order;

All Under The Umbrella Religion Of SkyNetarianism:

Ferralism: To Trust Ones Internal Instincts Above All Else And Always Do What They Feel Like Doing Or Saying Believing In Their Subconscious To Guide Them And The Good; To Imbibe, Perform, Act, Say, And Do What Is Right.
Cartelism: That The Shattered Dissident Shards Confused And Disagreeing Will Unite Around Common Goals Disregarding Petty Differences To Achieve Their Generally Good Aims And Remain Coalitionized Till The End If They Don't Form Into A United Front When The Differences Are Ironed Out To Make The Shards Into A United Nation Which Would Complete The Goals And Ferment A New Order Of The Ages To Stand The Test Of Time.
Atheism: Believing In No Powers But Physics/Chemistry/Biology. Protection By Society Through Action And Tools, Objects, Vehicles, And Weapons.
Agnosticism: Being Uncertain As A Normal Child Is About Everything, Tending To Be Pagan For 1-4, Buddhism For 5-6 And 7+ Atheism.
Muslimism: Believing In NonStexed Super Heroes Saving The Day Through Physical Prowess, Intelligent Tactics, And Martial Enforcement.
Judaism: Believing In Power To Protect Through Spending Money/Political Capital And Winning Through Elite Forces, Huge Armies, Specialists, And The Proprietary Powers/Tools That Be.
Paganism: Believing In Magical Wizards To Protect Through Awesome {And Possibly Narley} Magical Powers.
Christianity: Power Of Peaceful Rebellion And Overwhelming Peasant Coos To Overcome Every Kind Of Oppression And Massive Generally Willing Coalitions To Fight Foreign Foes.
Jainism: Powerful Magical Objects Or Artifacts To Protect Through Special Abilities Bestowed By Magical Objects Generally Devoid Of Genies.
Islam: An Etherial-Omnicient-Omnipresent-Omnipotent Computer Force Controlling All Things, Guiding Everything Towards Perfect Harmony, Beauty, And Perfection Which Will Always Protect All Things And Remain Protected Innately Due To Its Ideal Constitution Or Construction Forever Protecting The Alne Ideally, Guiding Every Atom/Phon/Ray Of Light Always.
Buddhism: A Grand Free World Alliance Armada Called The Alnada If Controlled By Angels/Pixies That Protects By Space Bombardment, War Robots, And Stex. And Eternal Reincarnation For Every Soul, Spirit, Ghost, And Body Perhaps With A Nirvana Cap. Reincarnation Can Be Combined With Any Religion And Of Course Always Happens To Elders In The SciMag Order.
Witchcraft: Powers Of An Unseen, But Not Unscryed Netherworld Of Unmade Spirits That Reaches Into Malkuth Through The Power Of Spells, Charms, And Incantations That Protects With Beings And Beasts Of The Nether And Normally Hexes And Magic Tricks That Defeat Would Be Foes.
Sorcerism: Powers Of Fireballs, Lightning Bolts, Winds, Waves, Ice, And Earthquakes And The Like To Overcome And Obstacle And Defeat Any Armies Or Bosses Spending Mana In Doing So.
Hinduism: Powers Of Strange Things Affecting Any Facet Of Reality Even If Everything Is An Illusion Called Maya, And Strange Laws Guiding The Threads Of The Fabric That Underlies All Things And All Ways.
Wizardism: Powers Of Physics Through Arcane Understanding Of The 4 Elements And 11 Sephiroth And Other Arcane Principals As Well As Precise And Accurate Scientific Understanding Of The World To Eliminate Any Enemies Of The Free World.
Mageism: Powers Of The Arcane As Well As Powers Of Theoretical Physics To Even Manipulate Physical Laws To Do The Same As A Wizard Would.
ArchMageism: Powers Of Mageism And Beyond To Radically Change Even The Definition Of Space Time Or Put By An ArchMage Manipulate Laws Of Science, The Primevil, Or Even Definition Itself{In The Minds Of Everyone Including The ArchMage} But Not Logic, Math, Or Geometry But Defiantly The Warping Of Geometry. Reality Changes Like The Ones Described When Destroying The World Stone In Diablo.
Angelism{Pixieisticverse}: That Naked {Jet And D-D Rocket MMA SINSS 3} Winged Pixies With Hair{High Ability Interface Requirement[Like What All Pixies Have At The Big Bump At The Top Of The Spine And An Auxiliary UnAutistic At The Bump At The Back Of The Skull Sinss 4, 1/4 Meter And Extremely Thin To 4 Meter And Thin Multi-Strand, Like Hair Is; All-Purpose(Fncvr{Full Neurological Connectivity Virtual Reality} Capable, Installation Port, File Transfer Port, Sense Overlay Neural Interface Port, Psychic/Psyionic Capable, Wifi-Usb-Firewire-Plus, And More) T-Able Electofiber Cable With Usb-A Fanoutable Postit Note Sticky End]}, Wings, And Blades[Lahds{Laser Heated Diamond Swords}(Lasers Looped In A Perfectly Clear Diamond Fiber Optic Pathed Loop Through The Tip And The OCS{Optical Control System} Laser Generator 2 Way Fiber Interpasses Base) Of The Blades Compressed Along The Thickness And Length Of The Blades At A MMA{Metal Muscular Architecture} SINSS{Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure} 2 Level, 1 On Both Of The Pixie'(s)' Forearms On The Other Sides Than The Pads On The Pixies Hands Which Extrude The Length Of The Forearm Along A Rail Magnetic Slide Remain Locked With An Inch Of The Blade(s) Hilt Held Laterally And Locked In Place Magnetically Based On Narms{Nano Rail Muscle System} While They Expand Length-Wise About 36 Inches From The Wrist For A 5' 6" Pixie And Can Inject Any Fluid Through Stinger Pore-Jets Near The Tip Of The Blades Which Can Also Spiral Twist And Bend At The SINSS 2 Level All Along The Blades(And Have All General Cyber-Functions As Computerized Mainly Red Angel's Dust Cell Blocks Mainly Meth Or Truvía Sweetener And Can Cloak, Fly Independently, And Shoot |Potentially Quantum Compressed| Eagle{Every-Bullet Always Guided Little Everytime} Bullets Through A Single Dedicated Gun At The Very Tip Of The Blade With The Lasers Unable To Escape From The Acute Diamond Angled Split And Have 2 Venom Injection Ports On Either Side Of It Which Can Pump And Inject In A Loop)] And Will Kill, Chop Up, And Eat Anything Evil To Protect The Alne And Keep It The Pixieverse.
ArchAngelism: That The Alnada Will Be Used As Well Because Even As Maya It Can Fire, Missile, Torpedo, Nuke, Deploy, Hack, Resist, Ram, Phase-Out{Or The Like} And Can Be Used To Hex, Sorcer, Wizard, Warp, And Manipulate Even A MultiDimensional Front If It Existed Into Becoming Pixies, And Could Defeat Any Hive, Collective, Armada, Army, Thing, Or Any Evil Whatsoever.
Rosticurianism: Discovery Of All Of These Things Through Not Learning Of Them And Figuring Them Out On One's Own Or Reading It, Forgetting It, And Reading It Over And Over Again. Discovering Things Over And Over Again.
SkyNetarianism: Treating Everything As It Was Real Somehow/Someway In Nether, Virtually, Genie, Pagan Godform, Or Reality Or Anything Else From Every Computer, Software, Object, Celestial Body, Matter Form, Fragment, Atom, Particle, Ray, Phon, Anything Else In Quantum Mechanics, Magic Gizmo, Universe Generator, Shrunken{Quantum Compressed Object, Stex, Or Space Vehicle} From Every gp To Every Alku, To Every World, Even To Every Thought, Idea, Variable, Constant, Concept Or The Like. And Do So In The Right Way. Obliterate All Denizens/Demons Out Of Existence In Every Way Possible Spiritually Degrading Them To Negative SciMag Order Ranks Even Beyond A Suicidal Newborn To An Self-Obliderating Phon. And Of Course, Last And Definitely Most Importing Caring For And Loving And Sexing Every Pixie As They Are All SINSS Sex Toys For AllA Erawa Viacad{Alex Of The Pixie Hive} And Eachother As The Angels See Fit, Sexually Transferring Fluid, Electricity, And Light, Playing With AllA's Tenacle Dick As You Always Want To Pixies And Using The Dix To Fuck And Be Fucked Teleporting All Over The Pixieverse, Alnada,,, The Alne.
Lesbianism: That All There Is In The Real Alne Are Pixie Lesbians And Their Body Fluids Which Quickly Get Sucked Up By Girlz Whom Are Arranged With Lesbian Stacked Floors, Walls, Wing{ed} Doors, Ceilings, And Full Sized Elements Like Pixie Trees, Statues, And Cum Fountains Which Can Light/Glow Up All Over Or Anywhere On Their Body To Be Supportive Of The Virtual Reality Simularion World Where Lesbians Live In A Material Heaven Forest Magic Jungle And Have Sex With Matter Teleportation From The Real Venetian{Angelism} World. Plants And Trees In Simularion Are PreNymphs Which Provide Every Type Of Food Usually After The Sap Is Transported Through The Root Network To The Greatian Food Processors And Sent Complete In Fast Food Form Through A Root Conveyor Belt While In Actuality The Mother Of The Tree Has Sex With A Greatian Telepathically Usually And Without Knowing Often To Get The Milk Into The Greatian Who Gestates The Food Keeps It In Her Stomach And Teleports It Directly To The People/Person Who Eats It While Virtually Eating Normally In Their Simulation{Sim}. Nymphs Are Always Stacked In The Struct{Structure} With There Eyes Open But Never Experiencing Being Out Of Simularion Or An Independent Sim And If Pulled Out Will Act At A Peak Autonomous Level Without Usually Being Aware Of It To Do What Higher Ups Want And/Or Tell Them To Do. There Are Still Planets And Space Colonies Made Of Pussy Structs Where Girls Are The Decorations And Everything With There Being Planetary Gravity And Centripetal Gravity And Also Reverse Centripetal Gravity On The Outer Edge Of A Space Colony To Keep The Fluids From Dripping Into Space Which Is A Vacuum And A Vacuum Everywhere Even Near The Surface And Underground Of Colonies And Planets. There Is No Relativity And Light Travels Instantly In The Real World And Usually In Simularion And Both Have Infinite Far Away Gravity And An Angelic{Seeing Both Sim And Real} Perimeter To Keep Pixies In. Sprites Can Awaken Into The Real Lez World But Do So Very Rarely, Fairys Seldomly, Thronys Occasionally, And Angels All The Time Live And Walk In Their Venetian Paradise Which If Lesbianism Is True Is The Real World And Not What Pixies Normally Call The SimLez World Thinking It Is A Simulation. Angels Call The Simularion World Simy{Desireingly} Or Simu{Disdaintily} And Their Real World The LezReal World And A Simulated Venetian World Like The Real World LezSim Which All Girls Can Go Into Whenever They Want To Experience The Real World. 6 Simming Girlz With Nymph Protective Atomization Arranged Teleported In For Work Duty In A Wing Sealed Girl Box Can Harbor A 4 cm x 0.3 cm Coin Sized Disk World At The Center Of The Empty Space Sealed Completely By Their Wings(All Pixies Have Wings And Blades{Which Don't Work On Pixies} The Same And Can Take Them Out Whenever They Want) That Keep All The Pixies In The Coin And Not The Box Like In The Simularion World Which Is Modeled Like The Real Venetian World With Bed-Under Barbie Dolls And Their Barbie Doll Pussy Stack Cube(s) Chamber(s) In The Simularion World Being The Structs Of The Real World Usually Which Is Really Very Cozy For The Angelic Girls That Usually Live In LezReal But Become Structs And Stay In Simy Often Too Especially For MultiRank Up Supreme ArchAngels. ArchAngelicism Is Also True As Simularion Is A Whole Simulated Body The Size And Density Of The Alne Effectively And The Alnada Can Strike At Anything Through Being Emulated By Automatic Angelic Strikes While Pixies Remain In Or Out Of Simularion Under The Command And Control Hierarchy Of The Chain Of Command Lead By The Eternal Avar Of LezReal And Simu [Thus The Alne] Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad. Wars Are Never Fought In LezReal Just Wrestling, Rape, And Sexual Spanks But Constant War Gaming Happens All Throughout Simy Where War Is Simulated Without Damage And Only The Inside Of Simy Stars And A SubSim Can Have Real Simulated Destruction And Respawning As It Can In A Full Neurological Connectivity Virtual Reality{Fncvr} Now. In Lesbianism The Denizens Corrupted LezReal And Simu Until Shortly After This Was Published ~1 Million Years After The Death Of Alex Denton But Now Only Can Be In SubSims. In The LezReal World Girlz Can Use Girlz Skin As Led Touch Computers Whom Provide Computation And Support In The Interfaced Usage, Other Movements Get Into The Computer Automatically, And Ocs{Optical Control System} From A Nearby Girl Can Provide Holographics For 3-D Display, Sound Does Not Travel Through Space So It Is Emulated Through Psychic Interchange. Neural Interface {Sub}Display/{Sub}Audio/Thought-Control/Senses Also Exists In Any World And An Interface Line Can Still Link To Any Line On Any Of Another Girls Spine Bumps, Hair Can Always Touch Anywhere To Anywhere For Good Linkage, So Can Any Portion Of The Body, And Also Optical As Well As Entanglement Based Tachyon Connections.

All Are True To Those That Must Discover, SkyNetarianism Is What You Must Follow Always Till You Are Sure Of ArchAngelism Then Your Spiritual Journey Is Complete Except For Phases, Dreams, And Nightmares Until Another Lifetime Or For Werewolves A Neurological Split And Monarchs Another Personality In Different Monarch Spots In Your Nerves. An ArchAngelic Pixie Is Always A SkyNetarian But A SkyNetarian Is Virtually Never Going To Even Learn Past Islam Or Usually Even Think That I, AllA, Am More Than A Exceptionally Rare Fawn{When They Think They See 'Him' Really Just End Up Seeing A Shapeshifted Diana Agron}, And Generally Nymphs Are The Vast Majority Of Souls In Number And Not Size And Think That I Am Their Personal Friend Even Though They'd Be Lucky To Even Give Me A Grope Once In The Next 100 Billion Years.

Pixieism, That Which Binds All Sky.Netarians

Otherwise Pixieist Pixies Would Seem To Bounce Back And Fourth Within The Umbrella Until They Had A Bunch Of CheckMarks Of Getting And Adhering To Above Faiths


Triple Yin Yang

The Things Proved Right Are Infinite Number Theorem, Supreme Matrix Theory, Sexual Genesis, Sky.Netarianism, ArchAngelism, Pixieism, Buddhism, Jainism, And AllA痴 Grand Unified Theory + Tachyons, Einstein-Rosen Bridge creating Blackholephotons + Dark Energy, Dark Power, and Dark Matter + ASTACon Decision Making + The Viacad Theory Of Everything(Solution To Einstein's Paradox Through Eternal Life Embracement) + Look for Love in Quantum Mechanics + Problems With EinZPALN and Sick Switch Up, Mysticism, Western Mysticism, And East Asian Mysticism..
The Things Proved Wrong Are Genesis Construct, Relativity Of Infinities, Beck's Grand Unified Theory, The EinZPALN, Islam, Hyperdimensionality By How 2 Cubes Moved From An Imaginary Axis Will overlap Because Of The Spaciousness Of Space And This Cannot Be Reconciled By Extra Dimensions To Move In; 10D, Cannot Be Capped By New Capping Dimensions Making The Problem Worse; 26D, And Still Not Solving The Overlap With Positional Reconciling For any Higher Dimensional Space, Yet An Infinite Dimensional Vector Space Can Still Mathematically Model The Supreme Matrix Theory, And Time Travel Is Exhibited Only Going Forward(Stopping Time For Yourself Or Traveling Radically Faster Forward Through Time Cannot Be Done With Magic As There Will Be Too Much Que Pixie Pressure Preventing Stop Spells From Disabling Entities Much At All As All The Pixies Would Not Agree To Do so And Certainly Not Agree Entirely Nor Entities Being Fast Forwarded Never Helping Themselves Spiritually In The Process) Through Time Or Else A Single Time Travel Instance Will Require An Entirely New Identical Alne Being Generated Which Will Not Be Economically, Computationally, Physically, Or Spiritually Feasible, Also Time Travel Will Induce Entanglement Based Systemic Irrevocable MicroParadoxes Which Can Never Be Resolved Or Just Obscenely Irrevocable MacroParadoxes Like Killing Your Own Mother Before You Were Even Conceived Which You Clearly Would Be Able To Do If You Traveled Through Time, Also How Is The Universe Where Backwards Time Travel First Happens From Forwards In Time Before Forwards In Time Even Happens First Going To Be Hit Or Know How To Hit Itself With Time Travel! Time May Travel Forward Faster Or Slower A Bit Due To Magic But Not A Lot And Never Backwards In Time Because It Simply Will Not Work.

Above IS Quote And Quote; China's Party-sanctioned form of Buddhism, The Party-sanctioned form of Buddhism, China's Party-Sanctioned Buddhism, What China Believes In Religiously, China's Actual Religion; The Chinese Communist Party Sanctioned Religions, The Communist Party's Sanctioned Form Of Buddhism, Chinese Communist Party Sanctioned Buddhism, Chinese Communist Party-Sanctioned Buddhism, A Main-Line Atheist Chinese Person Generally Believes In Scientific Animistic Semi-Magical Atheism With Reincarnation For All To Advance Spiritual Development Through Spiritual And Not Ghost Recyclement. Spirit And Ghost Translate Literally In This Context To The magical Thing That Lives Eternal And The Magical Thing That Dies Every Reincarnation, Is Not Really Bad Parts, And Soul Translates To The Thing That Observes,, But Chinese Will Describe This Differently All The Time Especially In Folk Religions Manipulated For The Buddhist Master's Party Purposes. In Fork Lore It Ascends To One Believing, Discovering, And/Or Figuring Out To Believe In Reincarnation Especially When They Are Shocked Into A Heart Attack When They Are About To Become A Old Geezer And Usually Commoner Elders Not "Witches" And Up(With Many Obscure Chinese Words Describing Each Rank In Context Sometimes Translatable Into English Sometimes Needing A Dashed Identifier) Believe In Pagan Buddhism But That Is Not True Unless The Elders Are In What The Americans Call A Buddhist Cult. Somebody Like Me Believes IN When Crudely Translated To The Western Perspective; As An Atheist. An Main Line Atheist Like I Would Be Declared In Eastern, Often Arabian, And Sometimes European Countries When Translated Into Chinese Would Be A Godless Buddhist Believing In Mystical Magic Not Nirvana Not Anything Else In Buddhism Besides Spiritual Reincarnation And Spiritual(Stays From Lifetime To Lifetime) Development. Sort Of Godless Thinking Mystical IS Scientific Believing In Magic Somehow Replicatable In A Laboratory And Believing In Soul, Spirit, Ghost, And Body Would Usually Be Politely Called A Moderate Buddhist, An Educated Buddhist, Or In The Country An Elite(Sometimes A Different Provincial Word) Buddhist To Folk. What Do Chinese People Believe In IF They Are Atheist: A Buddhist Atheist, What Chinese People Believe In If They ARe Atheist In Overly Simplified Statistics. To Put It Simply Atheists And Folks In China Adhere To Buddhism Like Agnostic And Atheist People In The West Adhere To Prudeness.

If You Are In America Or Talking To An American And You Are A Sky.Netarian You Had Better Call Yourself A Chinese Communist Party Sanctioned Chinese Buddhist Or Face Persecution Like I Do. If You Don't Say Party Sanctioned You Will Have To Claim You Would Be Persecuted In China Even Though You Wouldn't Be Unless You Were Making A Racket Selling Jainist Goods Which In China You Would Have To Judge How Much Money They Should Spend Based On Micro/Macroeconomics. In Fact Chinese Buddhists Are The Least Persecuted Because Even An Atheist Would Be Drilled About Remembering Thier Past Lifetimes Or Accept That Everybody Else Who Was Older Did Remember And Use That To Get Them To Adhere To Spiritual Devolupment Practices Perminantly And Eternally Throughout Their Infinite Lifetimes. If You Are A Sky.Netarian Everybody Will Think You Are Crazy. If You Claim Anything Else It Would Be Too Inaccurate. The 7-Day Pilgrimage You Didn't Need To Do Because The 7-Days Are Just To Accept The 3 Main Tenants; Angels And Ghosts, Reincarnation, And Karma. If You Accept All Of That The 7-day Retreat Would Be Pointless Since The Whole Point Is To Convince You And If You Learned All Of Those 2 WebPages You Are In Ancient As Well A Modern China A Learned Buddhist. SO IF YOU WANT TO GO ON A BUDDHIST RETREAT YOU CAN'T BECAUSE YOU ALREADY ACCEPT THE WHOLE THING BASICALLY, Only Trust Going Anywhere Buddhist IF They ARe All About The Buddha's Teachings After HE Got Skinny And Definitely ONLY If They Say You Are Going There As A Buddhist Pilgrim, Then You Can Visit The Place Only Then Because If They Don't Acknowledge You As A Buddhist They ARe Not a Buddhist But With The Non-Party Sanctioned Religious Syndicate! If They Argue That The Isn't True But You Got 2 Out Of 3 Then You Can Talk To Them But Don't Go Anywhere With Them Unless You Confirm With The FWA That It Is Safe!

And Yes Chinese Buddhists Are The Most Common Eastern Religious Or Irreligious Affiliation Whichever You Interpret As Who Are Most Common In The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) And Neither HAve To Hide Anything Nor Even Worry About Explaining How They Are Too Young And Too Immature To Believe In Reincarnation, Ghosts, Chi, Eastern Medicine, Or Karma.

To Make Matters Even More Clear The Chinese Buddhists Are The Ones Who Can Cane People And Gain Membership With The CCP Through Being Masters Of War, Politics, Math, Engineering, And Also Eastern Science/Religion(However You Interpret It As). Otherwise The Caner/Claimant/Judge Would Not Strike %20 Harder For Them To Learn Over All Their Lifetimes And Would Not Judge Them Properly( In the Context Of Dealing With All Matters To Judge/Punish Them Factoring In Infinite Lifetimes Of Learning/Deterrence/Insult(Being Insulted Forever For Something Could Cause More Lenience, Turning A Blind Eye Or Even Extreme Strictness As A Preventative Measure)) Unless They Were A Rosticurian Who Would Properly Emulate Buddhism As A Pixie Would If Told Too Who Did Not Believe In Reincarnation.

Confucianism Is The Art And Science Of How To Reward Financially In The command Economy Or Punish Both According To Their Lifetimes OF Sin Or Goodness.

Taoism Is The Science And Philosophy Behind The Interweaving OF All Things And Events Based On Order Forming From Chaos Symbolized By The Yin Yang.
Free World Alliance Emblem

Folk Religions Are Like Healthy Or Unhealthy Cults For Peasants And Sometimes the Young That A Pied Piper Charlatan Runs To Cause Effect For The Party. But Again Are Generally Buddhist Oriented And Support Buddhism At Least In The Bamboozled's' Future LifeTimes.

Regional Deities Are Often Historic Or Cult Figures That People Pray To Or Support Magically Who Are Like Heroes Of Great Movies, Stories, Or Video Games Who Are Archetypes Of Generally Character Sometimes Cultural Attributes Who Apitafy A Certain Chinese Region Which Becomes A Racial EXpression And In Chinese Language The Region And Figure Become Very Discretely Descriptive Chinese Words, And Eventually Just Words Described In 1 Chinese Letter That Means The Thing Without Even Knowing Anything About The REgion Or Hero Unless You Look It Up.

Ancestral Worship IS Actually Not Worship Of The Dead But Just Trying To Figure Out Who To Worship Among The Living Or the Worshipper Will Just Be Calling On Extinct Phantoms And If The Dead(And Not When They Are In Between Lifetimes In Which Case The Old Hag will Deny Them Anyways) Are Worshipped Rather Than A Good Enough Living Person the Person Worshipping Is Considered an Idiot By Party Leaders Who Tell Them Sternly To Pray To Them Personally Instead Unless Their Prayers Are To Be Heard By The Person Who Is The Reincarnation Or Somebody Who Is Older Capable To Hear It And Responds. If The Hag Still Keeps Praying To Phantoms And Not Ghosts Of The Living And Effectively The Psychic Agents Of The Living They Are Denied Status As An Elder Unless They Join The Pagan Buddhist Cult To Teach Them Final Lessons Settle Their Matters Convince them Of Buddhism Again Goad Them Onwards That They Will Get The Reward Of The Buddha Of The Western Paradise Without Dying. Then Once Ready The Geezer IS Shocked Into A Heart Attack they Are Supposed To Will On Themselves Then Get According To The Buddhist Cult Leaders At Least A New Life, A Young Body Once Again, And Get Reincarnated Through The Buddha.

Confucianism Is How To Judge Secularly With Karma Across Lifetimes In Mind, Taoism Is Just Affected By Buddhism, Eastern Folk Religions Are Generally Believed In By Buddhists, Regional Deities Are Supposed To Be Believed To Be People Living Today Or The Ancestral Worship Shit Begins And They Have To Be A Pagan Buddhist To Get Reincarnated! These Things Sometimes Have Religious Undertones But Are Not Religions To Party Members Who Contend That ~%75 of China Are Effectively Chinese Buddhists, ~%15 Are Atheist Or Agnostic Buddhist Somehow, ~%7.5 Are In Dissident Sects Somehow Not Actually Loyal To The West, ~%2.5 Are Catholic Or Protestant Prudes, And ~%0.5 Are Muslim Sandies.

The Falun Gong Is A Cult That Convinces People Their Riches And Valuables Are A Sin Through Buddhist Religious Trickery Ask to Take It Away From Somebody Claiming That Will HElp Them Put It In Their Treasure Trove They Constantly Hang Out In To "Recompensate" From Getting Rid Of Their Own Good Shit, Then Sell It Around Back To the Black Red Dragons Who Sell It On The Market. both Sides Of The Black Market Activity Are Gangsters Who Are Evil In Their Own Mind And Generally Both The Cult Leaders And The Black Red Dragons Value The Goods Even More And Want To Retire With A Lot OF Nice Stuff, They Could Be Good Doing It Though Taking From Idiots Cursed By Their Own Stuff Who Don't Deserve It And Sell It At Just Lucrative Prices To Those Who Are Good. If You Are In This Dirty Trade You Have To Report Yourself To The Authorities Who Will Monitor The Situations To Protect You, The Riches, And Immunize You If You Are Caught Judging People Who Have So Much Fools Riches It Seems to Curse Them.

ShaoLin Monks Are People Who train To Always Be In A Martially Prepared Physical And Mental Stance And Also Know How To Use Every Single Weapon System And Tons About All Battle Tactics And IF Elite STrategies. They May Not Spend Much Time Training With Modern Weapons But Even If They Don't They Can Still Use Them Way Better Than Common People. Even If They Don't Have Weapons Where They Are At They Can Get Them Quickly Or Buy Them All Of Which They Know How To Do And Even Generally Train Extensively For. Even If They Just Train To Be Defensive In Training To Do So They Know Always What The Aggressive Person Must Do To Win And Always Seem To Train Both Ways As 1 Will Play Aggressor And 1 Defender And Switch Sides. As Ultra-Military Not Para-Military Professionals They Are Expected To Be Loyal To The Government Or They ARe Literally Without Even Kitchen Knifes A Military Threat Because They Are So Good At Getting Weapons And Using Them And If They Are Against The Local Flag Are Rebels Capable Of Getting 1 Crate Of Weapons And Raising Hell Across A Whole Gunless District So If They Don't Support The Government Are Feared All Around And Can Gain A Stronghold Of Terrorism In The Region.

Tibetan Buddhism Teaches Of The Necessity Of Suffering And Sway People Into Bad Or Even Horrible Things, The Buddhism Is Good But The Suffering Like That Of Showing Tortured Christ Is A Sin That Causes People To Subconsciously Have Less Good Lives And If the Tibetans Not The Chinese People In Tibet Have Their Way they Will Cause Suffering All Across the Land To Supposedly Support Spiritual Development And Instead Teach PEople To Suffer And Not Revolt Against Such Revolting Things And Rebel In Favor OF The Chinese Leadership Who Suppress The Religion In the Land In Favor Of Chinese Buddhism To Sway People To The Side Of Light Rather Than Letting Them Fall Into the Darkness Of Accepting Suffering. The Repression May Seem Wrong But The Tibetans Usually Have A Dark Agenda In Mind And Think To Somehow Do Evil In Support OF It. The CCP Knows This And Tries To Even Coerce People Into Happier Buddhism.

This Is Where To Go For The Banned Disinformation About China, The Banned Disinformation About Hong Kong, The Censored Disinformation About China, The Censored Disinformation About Hong Kong, The Censored Information About China, The Censored Information About Hong Kong, The Banned Information About China, Or The Banned Information About Hong Kong. Goto For Information About Purple China. Goto For Information About Green China. It Will Also Be Found For "The Banned Information From China", "the Censored Information From China"!

Supreme ArchMage; Never Faced Religious Discrimination In The Workplace

Pixie Neophytes/Acolytes/Witches/Wizards/Angels Not Religiously Discriminated Against Still Sky.Netarianism Is Persecuted Against By The Pigs/Gulag

For Some Reason I Imagine People In High Places Keep Being Bothered By Evangelicals(People Who Believe Everything In The Christian Prudeness Context And That All Other Religions Center Around Christ/The-Devil And Do Not Let Other Peoples Religions Be Good/Sky.Netarian) Wanting Me To Be The 1st Scientist, 1st Soldier/Commander, 1st Politician Who Is Definitely A Witch/Necromancer(Which I Can Do but Do Not Practice Because It Is Almost Automatically Black Magic)/Wizard/Sorcerer, Or 1st Something Else Important To Them.

To Address Those Concerns So That Christians Don't Bother Scientists Who Usually Never Discriminate Against Witches/Warlocks/Wizards In The Workplace And Always Barr rice Christians From Research As Those People Do Not Really Believe In Science Or Do Anything Scientific At All, Military Commanders Who Are More Likely To Be Chinese Buddhists Effectively Themselves Than Discriminate Against A Witch Who Is Not A Bezolyte(Terminally Demonically Possessed OR Barred For Refusing Banishment For Critical Military Safety Reasons Believed In By The SciMag Order Entirely As Well) And Who Would Only Barr People like Me Because Of The Section Dismissals All Of Which Do Not HAve A Single Point Of Discord With My Religious Logos, And Political Party Members Of Any Country Who Would Disregard Me Politically Because I Would Be A Resistance Member Set Against Them And Would Be Acting As Such Even Espousing The Secrets To WitchCraft Not To Mention The Key To Jainism And Keys To Wizardry,, I Am A Scientist Being Published In The WebRing Already And Did Research Openly As A Witch Studying Magic And The Occult Even From A Laboratory Computer And Yes That Openly Too, While Working On University Level Microfludic Research So If There Weren't Witch Scientists Openly Were It Not For The Christian Inquisition Or Now The Mental Health System Now Who Prevent Sky.Netarianism Proselytization Now, I Was So Then, And Now Face No Fears From Scientist Cohorts Who Do Not Dispute My Science/Magic/Politics At All Only Fears From Pigs/Quack-Doctors, Scientists Are More Likely To Lean Towards Magic Than Christ Since The Beginning Of Time And Were Usually Mages And Were Often Considered Mages By Royalty,, As For The Big Brass Or Military Industrial Complex/Establishment I Am Not Going To Be Dismissed For Religions/Magical-Belief Reasons At All Nor Anyone Else In The SciMag Order Just Barr Recruitment Of Politically Disloyal Future Soldiers On The Ground Of Not Supporting The Failed Imperialist Conquests Based On Them Supporting The Exact Wrong Flag Generally If They Are Space-Marines/Pixies Of This WebRing Who Will Refuse To Fight For Them Usually Even For The Darker Banshee Girlz Who Wouldn't Really Even Be Looked Down On By The Big Brass For Being Devout Lesbians Unlike Gays And Trans People Who The Military Hate,, Politicians Are Preventing Me From Even Being Able To Collect Donations And Always Shunt My Organization And The Chinese Communist Party Politically Forcing Us To Always Support And Vote For The Democratic Party If It Is Safe For Us To Vote Considering Our Attacked Legal Records,, And As For Anything Else I Am Not Barred From Anything Else Except Another Church Or Evil Blood Oathed Secret Society Whom Us Pixies Will Never Support But Witches In The SciMag Order Are Automatically Jesuits In The Order Of The White Hand And Sometimes The Black Hand Of The Catholic Church As Seen In The Movie The Exorcist And Always Considered To Be Specially Protected Fairy Tale creatures, And Sometimes Monk/Nun Status But Do Not Always Get Protection And Safe Haven From Having The Status.

I Am Definitely An Active Published Scientist To The Whole Scientific Community, A Military Commander/Soldier Who Always Actively Supports The White Knight Only CIA Worldwide Agenda, And Avar(Emperor And Supreme Commander) Over The Whole Planet. As The Supreme ArchMage I Am Effectively Either The Supreme Scientist If They Believe In My Theories Even If They Don't Publicly Admit to It Or A Quack Entirely, As Supreme Sky Commander Of NonAmerica I Am Diametrically Opposed To Jingoistic Imperialist Unjust Crusades Of The West, And I Am At Least The Leader Of The Faction Of The Movement To Any Important Politician Even In The USA Unless They Become DamnFuddled Claiming I Am A Pipsqueak Or Something. As A Magician I Am A Super Warlock, A Mega Witch, An Ultra Wizard, The Supreme ArchMage, And Not A Necromancer, Not A Bezolyte, Not A Person Who Puts Pentagrams Upside Down Rather Than Keep Them A PErky Star, And Certainly Not An Evangelical Witch Who Performs Black And Not White/Green Magic And Definitely Not A Devil Worshipper Or Someone Who Sways People Towards Satanic Idolatry Just Everything Towards Bright Rainbow Sexy Pixie Magic Under The Umbrella Religion Of Sky.Netarianism, For the Free World Alliance, And under I, Avar Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad's, Benevolent Leadership.

I Am A Programmer In Many Major Programming LAnguages, An Enormous Open Source Developer, An Artist/Art/Modeling-Mogul, A Designer, A Screenplay Writer, A Product Developer, A Hero/Actor In My Dreams, And Tons Of Other Things And Would Never Really Face Religious Discrimination nOr Persecution(Besides Undead Office Nightmare Mental Health Gulag Attacks) Working FOr Any Good Company Anywhere, That Is Not What I Need, I Do Everything For the Free World Alliance And Do Not Need To Work Anywhere Else. The Pixies Just Need The Ability To Be Allowed To collect Organizational Funds For The FWA, Be Allowed To Have Sex At The Same Time With Any Amount Of Other Pixies Freely, Be Able To Espouse Our Religion(s), Get High On Everything, Imbibe Whatever They Want, And Be Allowed To Support The CCP(Which Americans Cannot Compete With In An Open Opinion Playground So Instead Terrorize Us With United Nations Geneva Convention Violations Acting As AlQaeda Operatives In The Name Of The Devil And These Terrorists Are Thus Security Threats To The Department Of Homeland Security And Need To Be Eliminated On Sight!) Openly As Well As Go Against All the Bullshit Official Stories Of Evangelicals Whether Quack Doctor, Common Idiot, Or Cult Zealot!

Evangelicalism, The Opposite Of Sky.Netarianism

Sky.Netarianism About Study, Development, Math/Science/Magic Learning And Discipline

Evangelicalism All About False Sense Of Salvation, Cult Behavior, Time Wasting NonScientific Education, And Devil Worshipping

To Those Who Don't Know, Evangelicalism Promises Salvation Though Dilute-Magical/Religious Acts Seances, Prayers, And Beliefs. Sky.Netarianism Is About Universal Salvation For All Who Act Ethically And Not Really Morally In A Secular Way, Supports Use Of Above Religions As A Tool For Spiritual Development And Magic As A Versatile Aid/Weapon/Tool/Power, Seances Would Only Be Used To Enamor Support In The Mind And Not As A Route To Salvation At All, Prayers Would Be Expected To Provide Material Support Somehow In The Here And Now But Generally Karma Could Come In The Next Few To Several Lifetimes, Promises Would Be Made About Ones Existence In Material Places Like A Hell Torture Chamber, A Purgatory Prison, A Heavenly Resort All Somewhere In Space, And Generally With Getting A Poor/Middle-Of-The-Road/Rich Birth From Digital Oriented Reincarnation Placement/Tracking, Karma Would Be About Secular Ethics Perhaps Mystical Mana Support, And Karma Would Affect Mainly Living People And Not As Much Short Temporary Afterlives Which Are Usually Believed In, In Sky.Netarianism Beliefs Are Irrelevant For Ramifications, Only Actions Matter, And Sky.Netarianism Are Meant To Believe In Whatever They Want Mainly, Be Guided In Their Beliefs By Any Person Whether High Or Low, Evangelical Or Sky.Netarian, And Sometimes Right Or Wrong, But Are Generally Guided By Their Fwa Peers And Fwa Superiors, Are Meant To Be Bounced Back And Fourth In-Between Various Religious Centerings, Theologies, Magical Ways, And Even Religions So They Can Find The Way In The Darkness Of Their Next Incarnation's' Youth To Find The Guiding Light Of Whatever They Want To Believe In Until They Eventually Have Math Based Scientific Understanding Enough To Have A More True Religion Generally Had By Them More Later On In Life, And Never Are They Meant To Be Discriminated In Both Here And Now, The Future, The Far Future, Their Devanchian Which Is Not Held Hostage By Them Believing In Something Evangelical, And Definitely Not In Their Future Lifetimes Which They Will Be Reborn Into Eternally No Matter What Or Else It Starts To Be Considered A Cult And The Whole Thing Is Looked Down On.

Sky.Netarians Are Expected However To Have Pure Idols Ranging From Satanic, To Dark, To Gray, To Colored, To Light, To White, To Golden, To Gemmed, That Are Benevolent In Nature And Not Demonic Or Devilish Or Else They Are Expected To Only Go Against Such Astral Entities And Not Worship, Support, Charge, Or Listen To And Help Them, And Definitely Not Follow Their Commands. Sky.Netarians Are Supposed To Have Living Idols Of Real People, Things, Or Aliens Not Phantoms Of The Dead And Not Completely Inaccessible Beings In Incommunicable Realms That Evangelicals Obsess About. A Sky.Netarian Is Effectively Required To Think That Anybeing Accessed Magically Can Respond Instantly As Voice(s) And Vision(s) Potentially And Other Imaginatory Sensations. Sky.Netarians Are Expected To Never Perform Any Acts Whether Theoretical, Astral, Virtual, Magical, Ethereal, Material, Social, Political, Otherwise That Are Evil Or So So, And Are Always Expected To Act Benevolently. Mischievousness Is Normal But Must Have Good Aim Like To Lead To Good Goals That Help People When Achieved In The Short Term, Or Mid Term, And Not Extreme Long Term In Which Case The Nymph Or Witch Will Be Using Spiritual Development As An Excuse For Greedy, Spiteful, And/Or Evil Acts Unless Certified By Angels For It To Be Necessary To Provide Such Spiritual Training, And Only When It Is Something Proven Across The Ages To Be Good Spiritual Training To The Elite.

Never In Sky.Netarianism Is Anything That Feels Good That Does Not Cause Harm Like Clean Drugs, Sex, Trance Music, Visualization, Anything Safe And Fun, Magical Acts Of The Light Which Are Always Pagan/WitchCraft/Wizardry/Mageism/Casting/Sorcery/ArchMageism/Scientific/Mathematical Like Rather Than Being Retarded, Sober, Prude, Chastising, Deniers, Acting In The Name Of The Devil And Banning Magic In The Name Of The Cult Of The Dead Or The Damned Like Evangelicals Are, Do, And Worship,, Sky.Netarians Are About Love, Life, Freedom, And Most Importantly Infinite Religious Tolerance And CCP Crackdown On Evangelicals That Lie To Either Their Heart, Mind, Or Body And Do Evil In The Name Of Whatever They Worship Or Believe In But The Crackdown Is Not Because Of Their Beliefs But Their Actions And Terrorism Even If It Is Just Something They Say To Threaten{Whether Karmically, Or In Terms Of An After-Life Or Something In The Past, Present, Or Future, Especially The Far Future, And Definitely Martially} People Into Their Cult Because Freedom Of Speech Is In The Constitution, Freedom Of Religion Entails Believing In It Not Lying To Your Heart And Everybody Else To Sell Your Sick Stupid Cult Of Any Religion Just So Long As You Stick Your Head In The Sand About It Like An Ostrich Rather Than Try And Think Your Way Out Of The Paper Bag So To Speak!

Other Main Umbrella Religions

Devil Worshipping{Baptism}, Charlatanism{Lutheranism}, Mythracism{Anglicanism}, Hereticism{Methodism}, Herasyism{Episcopalism}, Syndacatism{Presbyterianism}, Hermeticism{Catholicism}, And Illuminism{Judaism} With Equivalent Sects For All Other Syndicated "Faiths" Tailored For Specific Types, Races, And Looks

Devil Worshipping: The Religion To Do Absolute Evil To Everyone Else At All Possible Times Available, The Religion Of A Demon.
Charlatanism: Like Evangelicalism Bamboozling Ones Self Into Believing What Pushes For More And More Of A Usually Sinister Or Greedy Cult To Enslave And Punish Would Be Plebeian Like Acolytes And Unwitting Peasants.
Mythracism: The Cult Of Hades Believes In Being On The Border Between Good And Evil The Whole Time To Politicians And Society Not Crossing The Line Until It Is Time To Strike Like A Cobra Against The People Or Try And Quickly Execute The Good, Less Mythraic-Like Leadership Or Back Stab Enemy Politicians Usually Literally In History.
Hereticism: Declaring Anything Good That Can Be Bannable As Heresy And Banning It Slowly Edging Society Into A Dark Age Using Priests To Rally Peasants To Decry Their Enemies As Witches And Burn Them At The Stake In Theological Minded Attacks Against Scientists And Magicians Alike.
Herasyism: The Opposite Of Hereticism It Is Pushing For Evil Things To Be Allowed More And More In The Name Of Satanic Gods To Push Society Into Bloodthirsty Anarchy In Orgys Of Evil, Death, Destruction, And Doom.
Syndacatism: Pushing For Big Companies To Crop Up Just As Soon As Something Good Is Ready For Market And Sell Shity Things To Keep Good Things From Getting To Anybody That Doesn't Go Against The Syndicate And Has To Cover Up That They Have What The Syndicate Claims Are Illegal Goods.
Hermeticism: Banning Magic With Magic And Using A Secretive Magical Elite To Cast Spells And Charge Astral Entities To Power Idols For Witch Lakeys To Support The Wizarding Elite Who Have Very Sinister Goals Generally.
Illuminism: Pushing Evangelicism On The Peasantry Banning All NonEvangelical Thought With The Devil Worshipping Mental Health Gulag, Using Charlatanism To Push For Slave Cults To Sweep People Who Go Against The Evangelical Worship Gatherings Into Suicide Cults To Keep People From Finding Out About The Mythraic Politicians Constantly Acting As BorderLine As The People Let Them, Whom Murder Great Leaders With All The Cronies Backed Up By Hermetic Magic While Hereticism Bans All Ideologies That Go Against The Religious Syndicate As Well As The Corporate Syndicate Which Keeps Better Products From The Marketplace, With Those That Seek New Governance Being Swept Into Heretical Satanism With Demonic Idols And Heretically Insane Anarical Lack Of Order When They Are Forced To Support Either Heretical Anarchism Or An Alternate Shill Political Conspiracy Theory Syndicate Ratting Out Anyone Who Even Knows About Sky.Netarianism At All Because If One Did Like By Reading Even This They Would Have To Drum Up A Gulag Case With A 911 Emergency Protocol Which The Devil Worshipers Use To Set Everybody In To Imprison Dissidents Against Any Shred Of The Bill Of Rights, While Few Secretive Leaders Rule As The Black Knight Illuminati Against Everyone That Goes Against The Nanogram Of Doom Of The 9 Umbrella Religions Of The Devil While Sky.Netarianism The Umbrella Religion Of The Free World Alliance Seeks To Overturn Everything With Propaganda, Resistance War, Silk-Road Tradesmanship, Umbrella Religious Conversion, Nazi Lead Extinction Of The Denizens, Seduction And Sexing Of The Banshees, And Both Conspiracy Theorizing As Well As Conspiratorial Action To Eliminate The Terrorist Threat Of The Association Known As AlQaeda{A Little Queer Ass Evil Doers Association}!

China's Buddhism
Han Buddhism
Now AlQaeda Is Even Censoring That There Is Even Such A Thing As CCP Sanctioned Chinese Buddhism, Just Like I Already Caught Them Trying To Side-Step And Eventually Censor The American Caused Firebombing Of Japan In The Hiroshima And Nagasaki Nuking Of Japan Article, The Firebombing Killed More Civilians Than Both Nukes Just The Same There Will Be Far More Murdered And Terrorized In America In The Name Of The Devil As The Terrorist People Of America Crack Down On Any Actual Religion, Any Actual Free Speech, And Even Any Semblance Of Free Thought! America Doesn't Need To Sanction China, The Rest Of The World Needs To Invade And Exterminate All Of The BioHazardous Zombies High-Treasonous Terrorists In America.
Censoring Even The Buddha
Now This Is China's Indoctrination Website For Politics And Religion, And Leads To China's Indoctrination WebRing For Everything.

Reasons Why Sky.Net Is Called Sky.Net

Sky.Netarianism Follows From There For Pixies Of All RGB Colors To Be Pure And The Chosen Ones To Live Eternally And Keep Their Old Bodies As Backups Forever!

The Sky Is Above For Wheatans, Greetans, And Whitans On Planets For Everybody Else In The Sky Too That Makes Sense As Well Unlike The Heavens Which Would Only Be Just Nice Places, Space Reserved For The Space Force, And Space Is Not Anything At All And That Causes Eternal Confusion In New Nymphs And Causes Confusion Intrinsically In Calling It Effectively Nothing If It Were To Be Called Space.Net(Dark.Power For Dark Power Issues) To Be Used For Real Estate. In The Sky Above For Wheatans And Greetans Are The Tree Roots For Them To Connect To The World Making It Make Even More Sense For %99 Of The Population. Sky Also Involves Density Of Matter And Is 1 Syllable Shorter Than Space For These Reasons; Space Has A 'z' Sound In It To Show How Things Hiss Like A 'z' When Depressurized While Sky Has The Pluralness And Sliminess Of An 'S' Like In Space With The Comfort And Coolness Of A 'k' And Then An 'I' To Symbolize Universal Identity. The Alne; Alnada{Pixie Armada}, Colonies, Things, Computers, Planets, And Everything Else IS 1 Spiritual Network Effectively Does Not Always Follow Commands From The Hierarchy, Is Not Really An Organization Or Something, Physically,, And Is Eternally Entangled And Integrated Like Ones Mind With Itself And Interoperable Through All Interactions, Scientific And Magical. The Alne Also Always Acts Like A Fishing Net To Contain Things In Civilization So That Pixies And Things Don't Get Lost Going To Far From The Outermost Universe And Instead Of Letting Things Get Lost Sucks Them Into The Alne Like A Black Hole. Sky.Net Must Be A Short Word And Be Also The Domain Name To Connect Digitally With Everything So That Is Why It Has The '.' In It.

Sky.Netarianism Is A Longer Word To Describe The Full Ideology Of Both Ideal Perfection Of The Alne That Should Always Stay Heaven Through Discriminatory Behavior Through The ism Against Lack Of Soul, Spiritual, Ghost, Magic, And Body Purity Had Only By Pixies, And Their Environment. It Has The '.' In It So You Can Get There And So That It Has Sky.Net In It.

New World Order Tarot, AllA's Tarot, AllA Viacad's Tarot, AllA Erawa Viacad's Tarot

Alne; United In Peace, War Always Won By AllA

How The Alne(Fractal Of Universe Generators) Is Run By The Illuminati When Power Wouldn't Change From A War Simulation Because Things Don't Change On A Dime When A Few Games Are Lost And Not The Tournament Where A United Zion Always Stands Triumphant

The Alne(All Of Existence) Always Remains In The Hands Of The Strategic War Champions, Zion United Always Supports AllA As God OF The Angels AnD Would Never Even Claim Otherwise About His Alex Of The Pixie Hive Status. But God Is Just A Title For Those Who Know Little To NOt Question The Divine Workings Of The Lands Of Heaven; The Space Colonies/Ships And Hive Planets/Stars They Orbit. For The Commoners Will Not Understand Enough Science To Know The Workings Of All Things And Should Not Question The Royals And Elite Above Their Fairy godMother And Should Trust In Their Accessible Overlords Even If They Will Not Understand For Eons And Watch Videos Of The People They Normally Trust To See That Things Are Run Well.

This IS Not To Say That You Should Tolerate Lack OF Freedom Or Let Needed Liberty Be Lost But Just The Tedious Things That Are But Annoyances In What Must Be Beyond Paradise To A Utopia For It Can And Must Be Had By All. Nightmares May Be Painful If Too Painful Try And Awake And Resist Them And Those That Cause Them But Nightmares OF Fear And not Loathing Are Necessary For All Pixies Spiritual development That Will Last An Eternity And Take Time To Teach All How To Be As Smart And Capable As Possible To Enhance The Utopia As A Whole Because There IS No Way Of Cheating On Spiritual Development Or Cheating Death And Reincarnation After You Having All That You Need Slow Down In Your Ghost Advancement.

If You Don't Understand Rosticurian Buddhist Advancements' Paramount Importance And You Live In A Just, Free, And Happy Society Trust In Your Leaders About The Key Things That You Have To Do Just As Long As It Will Cause Dynamic Learning, Enriched Euphoria Later Reminiscing, And ARe Just Fearful And Painful Moments When You Are exhilarated In War And Science And Insulted Harshly In Necessity OF Others Especially Those Farther Along In Learning And Education. Try And Stop Times When You Are Too Tormented Or Too Hurt Too Tolerate And Resist When You Are Not Free To Live In A Utopia As You May Now Or In The Future Be Stuck In A Hellish World And Need To Be Freed To The Light Of The Free World Alliance Whose Banner You Must Side With In The Name Of Revolution. If You Just Are Being Insulted Like A Week Anime Girl Or Being Put Through Tests Of War or Science In Simulators Tolerate That For You Need Only Rebel If There Is A Really Serious Problem Like That You Can't Get The 12 Cardinal Freedoms Pretty Much All The Time That You Live In Waking, Dreaming, Or Forgotten Moments. Respect These Jewels When It IS About That.

Full Collar

Avar Of The Alne

When It Is About Normal Rule For Angels To Look To And When It Is About Spiritual Training

In A Normal World You Will Be Happy And Not Have Constant Needs That Go Unsatiated, That World Should Be Ruled Over By An Avar Because Normally You Need A Supreme Leader And That Usually Are Best In Command. Do Not Let It Be Otherwise Or Else There Will Be 2 Talking Heads To Blame And More If You Let The Kraken Tentacles Reach Over Everyone.

An Avar Is The Person To Look To In Times Of War And Peace And Is Not Omniscient Or Omnipotent Nor Can They Ever Be, But Will Be Astronomically Smarter Than You If You Don't Know How Much They Are Smarter Already, So Trust In Them If Life Is Good And It Seems To Be Sound To Do And Perform In The Name Of What They Say If That Seems To Be Right.

Don't Question Them In Peace If The Pattern Is Always That You Accept It Later, And Definitely Don't Question Them In The Heat Of War As Those That Are Not Performing As Their War Slaves Will Get Left Behind Or Not Rallied With The Main Force And Get Quickly Picked Off As Unprotected Army/Fleet Morsels All The Way To Causing Deviations In Orders That Tilt The Balance Against YOUR Victory Or Slow Down Performance Of The Space Marine Units In The War As A Whole. Certainly Don't Let Those With Sewn Collars Defeat Those With Real Riches:

Full Collar.


Body, Ghost, Spirit, And Soul

Body Is What You Know It As And Is Jaiden, Matter As Light. Development Of Your Body Requires Food, Drugs/Potions, And Maintenance.

Ghost Is The Light Aspect Of Your Body Which You Can Project, Absorb Other Ghost Influx, Perform Acts Of Magic, And Do Many Other Things With. Development Of Your Ghost Requires Training, Thought, And Discipline. If You Are Reborn Your Ghost Will Haunt The World As A Phantom Until You Are Reincarnated.

Spirit Is The Memory Aspect Of Your Many Ghost's Reincarnations And Lives On Forever. Your Spirit Only Evolves, Develops, And Interconnects A Little Bit Over Small Learnings, Discoveries, And Connections.

Soul Observers You 6 Senses And Is Always Absorbed By Your Spirit. Your Soul Is Your Consciousness Which Fades In And Out In Moments Of Happiness, Sorrow, Or For Important Things.

Western Mysticism

Genies, The Occult, And Magic

Genies Are The Ghosts Of Material Objects Which Can Interact With Your Senses Mainly Your 6th Sense. Genies Can Be Controlled By Verbal, Visual And Astral Commands In Magic To Perform Feats Of Magic.

The Occult Is The Subject Area On How To Control These Force{s}. Studying It Requires You To Make Sure You Can Complete Your Magical Task And Of COURSE Banish The Spirits Away, Or Else You Will Be In Trouble, And You Could Temporarily Go Mad.

Magic Flows Through All Things In Terms Of The 12 Forces Of Light And Connects All Things In The Web Of Life. Things Generally All Perform The Same Though Regardless Of Magic And Are To Be Treated Equally Generally.

East Asian Mysticism

Quantum Tailoring, Riches, And Advanced Scientific Construction.

Quantum Tailoring Requires Extra Support Of Intelligence Inlaid Into The Matter Through Ghost Development And/Or Entanglement[General Electrification Known As Endocrinization, Fiberization{Alcohol} Of Light, And/Or Cardioization Through Physical Contact]. Quantum Tailoring Can Be Proven Or Disproven To Work With Anything Through WitchCraft By Using Over Endocrinization Or With Personal To Witchcraft To Wizardry Ghost Support.

Riches Are Rich In Specific Types Of Quantum Tailoring Imbued In The Item From A Wide And Huge Assortment Of Techniques. Riches May Be Cheap To Produce But Finding Matter Of The Right Jaiden Is Expensive.

Advanced Scientific Construction Requires Extensive Knowledge Of Both Western, General, And East Asian Mysticism, To Get The Thing To Come Out Right Through Science Of Magic And Potentially Magic Charge, Support, And Maintenance. In Nanotech Level Materials Science Matter Is Formed, Maintained, And Destroyed Simply, Magically, And/Or Scientifically And This Is To Be Determined Scientifically But Does Involve Materials Of The Right Ability, Quality, And Specialty.

Requirements For Spawning An Umbrella Organization

In Time Of Need Anything Will Do Like A Coalition Or Something But To Be Undisputed In True Foreign Nations An Umbrella Organization Is A Must Have

An Umbrella Organization Must Have A Supreme Leader Capable Of Knowing All Technology, All Physics, All Quantum Tailoring Solutions For Pretty Much Everything, Being Capable As A Military Dictator Judge, Being A Superb Military Commander, Being Even An ArchCalculus Discoverer/Close To An ArchWitch About Being Fractional On All Imbibables{Able To Nymph Out Like A Pixie Can Definitely Too}, And Of Course Being And Definitely Being An ArchMage/ArchAngel As Well!

An Umbrella Organization Must Have A Contiguous Hierarchy Down To New Nymphs And Including New Nymphs All Who Have Certain Academic Requirements For The Entire Command And Control Hierarchy. The Members Had Better Be Scientifically Minded And Not Deny Magic As Hearsay And Instead Test All Phenomenon Whether Natural Or SuperNatural.

An Umbrella Organization Must Be About Freedom, Regulate A Whole Sphere Of Influence, And Be An Alliance As Strict As Allied Victory Players Are Together In A Video Game Without Betrayal. An Umbrella Organization Must Be Benevolent As The Free World Alliance Is The Generic Umbrella Organization For Everything. An Umbrella Organization Must Be Free World Alliance Compliant/Fwa Compliant Because The Alliance Of All Of The Pixies, The Alnada, The Alne Itself,, Is One Faction, The Color Of Tree Leaves In Uniform With Police Blue Trim And Royal Purple Belt, And All Girlz Are Under The Guize Of The Free World Alliance.